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The 5 Local SEO Factors That Matter Most

Most recent article by Jon Ball from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “The 5 Local SEO Factors That Matter Most”

“For business owners, SEO can seem a bit too convoluted at times.

As a business owner, you have hundreds of issues to deal with and SEO may seem like a foreign and overly technical concern. Nevertheless, SEO is essential to online success.

Things can become even more complicated if you’re a local business as local SEO has its own set of best practices. You may not have the time or budget to implement every strategy imaginable, but there are some aspects of local SEO you absolutely shouldn’t ignore. In fact, there are some steps you can take that will help your site perform well in search but aren’t overly hard to implement.

Need for Local SEO

Before we get into the five most important factors of local SEO, let’s discuss why you need to include local SEO in your online marketing efforts.

First of all, local search results differ from non-local results. For example, lets look at the difference in the search engine results pages (SERPs) when I do a geo-specific search vs a general search…”

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The 5 Local SEO Factors That Matter

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