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Throwback Thursdays: Social Media Before Facebook

The latest article from Search Engine People Blog is titled, “Throwback Thursdays: Social Media Before Facebook”

Search Engine People Blog writes, “Early socialising by Alex E. Proimos

While I’m partial to David Fincher, The Social Network gives off the impression that social media started with Facebook, which isn’t the case. In fact, it wasn’t even the first “modern” social media platform or social networking site. The simple truth is, like other technological developments, social media is the result of a long line of predecessors that laid the foundations for what it has become today.

For this installation of our Throwback Thursdays column, we’re going to trace the origins of social media, looking at the forms it took prior to Facebook. For purposes of brevity (this topic could fill a book), we’re going to focus on the milestones that really paved the way for modern social media.

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The Origins Of Social

To really track the origins of social media, we have to travel back to the early days of the internet…”

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Throwback Thursdays: Social Media Before

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